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The joy of the little everyday moments

We are Deux Soeurs, handcrafting quality scented candles inspired by nature, home, and memories.

Our candles are made to remind you to celebrate the everyday moments in your life and to find joy in the little things.

Our Craft

Our candles are created in small batches, hand-poured, and designed in our studio in Morges, Switzerland.

We find so much happiness and joy in making candles. For us, it is all about the quiet days in our workshop, selecting scents and vessels, and using our hands to bring our passion to life in the form of a physical product – a candle that might bring joy and celebration into someone’s life and home.

We want to ensure that every candle that comes out of our workshop is of the best possible quality. We constantly work on our technique and craftsmanship; we rigorously test candles and perfect our processes. Every candle coming out of our workshop is not only handmade but truly heart-made. 

Warmest wishes,


(founder and chief candle maker of Deux Soeurs)

Handmade in small batches

Scents that evoke memories

Made from quality ingredients

Our Wax

We choose to use only 100% natural vegetable waxes for our candles as we find them to be more sustainable. We use a blend of rapeseed wax with a little bit of soy, and we love it for its creaminess and ivory color.

It has incredible technical properties and an excellent scent throw (how the wax releases fragrance into the air). The wax has a naturally sweet scent that compliments and lifts our fragrances beautifully. Candles made with our wax have an even, clean burn and are also long-lasting.


We use the best wicks available on the market for our candles. Our wicks are made out of cotton with a particular paper filament woven around them for stability and even flame. It’s the wick that allows for the candle wax to melt fully and evenly without overheating for the best fragrance distribution.


We are passionate about fragrance and try to find scents that are unique, evocative of emotions and memories, and that are both classic and modern at the same time. Scents that make you dream, feel sophisticated or cozy, happy or nostalgic, sweet or spicy. Scents of travels and scents of home, scents of baking, or scents of fresh flowers.

We get inspired by our own associations with certain fragrances and tell stories through our creations. But we equally love how these scents will awaken a whole different world of memories and emotions in you - and we love hearing the stories that you connect with our scents.

We only use the highest quality fragrances and work with fragrance houses that share our values of passion and expertise. All our fragrances correspond to EU and IFRA (International Fragrance Association) norms, are not tested on animals, or contain any animal derivatives. We also select only CMR-free fragrances.

I’m going to make everything around me beautiful – that will be my life.

- Elsie de Wolfe

Get inspired by seasons

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